Heather D. Heath
Social Media Manager & Web Designer

Native to Jacksonville, FL, Heather D. Heath is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Marriage Counselor dually licensed in Florida & Texas. She holds a Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Counseling and is the woman behind Heath Counseling & Consultation Services. Heather is president of a nonprofit organization created for counselors to help counselors and is a Vice President of Boldly Poised, Inc. – A non-profit geared towards empowering young girls and enabling their transformation into successful women.

Heather has spent over a decade reshaping lives and helping individuals & families overcome hardships, rise above adversities, and build happy lives. She provides individual, family, and couple counseling services to help them unclutter their lives and discover the best version of themselves. As a counselor, Heather empowers, guides, and supports people struggling to break free and works with them to decipher their deepest concerns and lead them to absolution.

Moreover, Heather is the author of two children’s books and owns an independent publishing company, Adam’s Grace Publishing. She also hosts a podcast, Mental Health Uncorked, to raise awareness about mental health and bring to the forefront the issues limiting people from reaching their true potential.

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